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An “Offer” is a reason for your customer or prospect to do business with you – right NOW

It is NOT optional – you must have an offer. That’s why the offer is the second most important campaign element after Your Target Market. An offer is something over and above features and benefits. 

For example, it might be a:

  • Premium (e.g. 3 months extended subscription)
  • Special price
  • Two for (the price of) one
  • Unique combination of services
  • Sale coupon
  • Free trial or sample
  • Guarantee of service or money refunded
  • Time-savers or head-of-the-line luxuries
  • Special shopping experiences
  • Deal timed to an expiry date (often combined with other offers)

If you do offer an incentive, aligning that incentive with strategy and creative is vital. It needs to support the main message you are delivering. It’s often the last little nudge required to get you the response you want, now!

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