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Data Services

Data Supply

  • Business Prospect Mailing Lists

– based on your best customer profile(s), or other criteria such as address or area; company size (by staff numbers or $turnover); industry type (ANZSIC); and more …

  • Newly Registered Businesses

Every day new companies register in New Zealand. Subscribe to receive daily or weekly lists based on your criteria.

  • Senior Management changes

Every day Senior Management positions in New Zealand. Subscribe to receive daily or weekly lists based on your criteria. Currently tracking CFO/Finance Managers; CIO/CTO/IT Managers; HR Managers; Marketing Managers.

  • Consumer Prospect Mailing Lists

– based on your best customer profile(s), and other criteria such as address or area; age, income, gender, and more

  • Qualified Consumer Sales Leads

    – of people selected based on your specified criteria who show their interest in your product or service offers. Ideal for the following type of business or organisation:

  • Finance & Insurance
  •  Retail and Fashion
  • Education
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Property Management
  • Fundraising for Non-Profits
  • Online Retail & Daily Deals
  • Sports
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Automotive
  • And many others …

Do you have a business or organisation that deals directly with your consumers or members? If so, would you like a constant flow of prospects asking to buy your products and services – now?

Talk to us now about this very simple yet highly effective sales lead generation system for your Business to Consumer (B2C) business. You simply pay a fee for each sales lead delivered.

You receive details of people who have said “Yes, please call me (or email me) about your products or services”.

There is no set-up fee or capital investment needed. There is no fixed or contractual term. You can turn the flow of sales leads on and off as you see fit, and you can limit the number of sales leads, or set a budget to the level you can afford and, of course, the number you can service in a timely manner.

You can target your potential customers by: gender, age, place, income, interests, home or car owners, charity donors, pet lovers, wine drinkers, work status …. and more.

Many leading New Zealand’s companies already use this service to successfully generate new business.

Data Processing Services

  • De-duping

– find and remove duplicate records to minimise waste

  • Consolidating

– combine multiple records for the same person

  • Householding

– find records with the same physical address

  • Enhancing

– by updating or appending additional data such as current addresses, phone numbers, and post-codes, to enrich your existing customer or prospect database.

Every day in New Zealand 2000 to 3000 people change their phone numbers; and on average people move house every 7 to 8 years, maybe every 5 years in Auckland.

  • Scrubbing

– to remove any data not suitable for mailing purposes

  • Find and suppress

– customers or prospects from your list who are also listed in the:
   * Do Not Mail Register (maintained by the Marketing Association)
   * Do Not Call Register (maintained by the Marketing Association)
   * Death Register

  • Issue Statements of Accuracy (SOA)

– for the biggest bulk mailing discounts

  • Analysis and profiling

– of your customer lists – to clearly see what characteristics they share, so you can find new prospects with the same characteristics.

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