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Data-Driven Marketing

Businesses exist to make money. So it’s essential you know how much profit you make on your marketing investments.

You need to understand what aspects of your marketing work well, and which do not. Data-driven marketing allows you to measure this.

Data-driven marketing is a blend of art and science. And, as marketers get better access to more scientific processes, they can make far better decisions.

As a data-driven marketer, you use systems and processes to capture your data, analyse it, and act upon it in an effective way. This allows your business to engage with your customers and prospects in ways that are personal, relevant, and timely.

These days everything is measurable to show whether it succeeded, whether it generated a profit or not. You can drill down to demographic, product, region, campaign, time, and more, mixing and matching the segments, and discovering in each what worked and what didn’t.

Know Your Customers

Data-driven marketing allows you to foster and create a “virtual personal relationship” with each of your customers, regardless of the number of them.

Data allows you to develop an understanding of each customer’s needs and behaviour. You gain a better knowledge of what channels, messaging, timing, etc. works – and which ones do not.

Personalised Experiences

For each customer to enjoy a truly personal experience, you need to use data-driven marketing. This way, you can know precisely which parts of the marketing mix are driving the individual’s buying experience.

And, based on past performance, you can predict their future behaviour. You can discover what products or services might interest each customer, the best time and the best way to make your offer to them, and the best channel to use.

Right Message, Right Time

Being timely means more than just at the right moment. It means having the right message in the right place at the right time, with the right offer.


Successful businesses now and in the future are those that base marketing decisions on data, and no longer on gut instincts, creative whims, or what the boss’s wife thinks.

To become data-driven you need to manage your data, simplify it, measure and analyse your campaign results, and so discover what works and what doesn’t.

Carefully examining your data allows you to know your customers better, so that you can consistently communicate the most effective message at the best time in the best way.

Data Processing Services

  • De-duping – remove duplicate records
  • Consolidating – combine multiple records for the same person
  • Householding – find records with the same physical address
  • Enhancing – appending other data such as current addresses, phone numbers, and post-codes
  • Scrubbing – to remove any data not suitable for mailing purposes
  • Find and suppress customers or prospects listed in the:
    • Do Not Mail Register
    • Do Not Call Register
    • Death Register
  • Issue Statements of Accuracy (SOA) for the biggest bulk mailing discounts
  • Analysis and profiling of your customer and/or prospect lists

Refer to Data Services for full details of these Data Processing options.

Data Supply

  • Business Prospect Mailing lists
  • Regular Updates of Newly Registered businesses
  • Regular Updates of Senior Management changes
  • Consumer Prospect Mailing lists
  • Qualified Consumer Sales Leads reported daily

Refer to Data Services for full details of all these Data Supply options.


  • Strategic Consulting – including development of business plans and sales strategy
  • Direct Response Marketing Consulting – to develop campaign strategy
  • Coaching and Mentoring – for you and/or your team

Campaign Related Services

  • Direct Mail – campaign strategy and design
  • Copywriting – letter and email copy
  • Creative concepts – the “Big Idea” and creative theme
  • Graphic design for websites and all campaign collateral
  • Proofreading
  • Telemarketing – inbound and outbound
  • Text Messaging – inbound and outbound
  • Email Marketing–  outbound
  • Web Design and Development
  • Website SEO
  • Social Media strategy – to promote web traffic
  • Personal URLs (PURLs) – as online Response devices
  • Photography and Videography – for campaigns or events

Creative Choices has a network of long-standing and trusted suppliers – our “virtual agency team”. Depending on your business needs, we can supply and manage services from the list above to complete your projects from beginning to end.


For example, if you are developing a direct mail or email campaign, you can use telemarketing before your direct response mail or email campaigns to better qualify your target market and improve your effectiveness.

Telemarketing follow-up after campaign is often used to confirm receipt of the email or package; to reinforce the offer and benefits, and to prompt response.

Typically you can increase your response rate 2 or 3 times or more. With our current privacy laws, pre-campaign telemarketing is often used to both confirm email addresses and to confirm permission to send an email promotion to a prospect. This tactic eliminates complaints of sending unsolicited electronic messages.

Email Marketing

Similarly, emails can also be used to alert recipients to the imminent arrival of a mail package, or to follow-up a mailing (or even an earlier email), to reinforce benefits, offers, and deadlines. Once again this tactic also usually increases the response.

Text Marketing (SMS)

Offering campaign recipients more than one option for responding is also an effective tactic to increase response.

The key is to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to respond and qualify themselves as interested in your offer. So, allowing recipients to respond by text message (SMS) also allows you to send them further information by text message or email.


A personalised website address (URL), often called a PURL, is a URL that incorporates the name of the recipient. Typically the landing page includes content specific to the recipient – driven by the campaign database.

Clicking such a link or typing the PURL address takes you to a web landing page designed just for you, where you welcomed by name e.g. “Hi Paul, thanks for visiting this page.”

For example,
(click link above to see a mock-up example in a new tab/window)

PURLs are very powerful, not only because of the improved engagement based on the curiosity factor, but also because we track and report the visitor’s activity from the moment they arrive on site.

In addition, application or booking forms pre-populated with the visitor’s details from the campaign database saves the visitor time and make the process much more efficient.

According to recent DMA studies, more than 42% of interested direct response mail recipients prefer to respond online. So you can often increase your response rates by 300% by integrating personalised URLs with direct mail or email campaigns.

PURL micro-sites can also be used to complete registrations for events, and to offer an online payment option, and much more.

Video Marketing

Video content on a website is a very powerful way of engaging with your client or prospective client online with product or service testimonials or other information. On a personalised landing page, you can use video to further explain the promotion you are running.

Other Services

  • Document scanning and archiving and retrieval. Protect your organisation’s valuable documents; improve retrieval and service-related response times; cut storage requirements. All using state-of-the-art document scanning and archival systems.
  • Print production; printing of all campaign collateral documents or other print requirements

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